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Car insurance is a vital item for every driver. However, car insurance rates are always increasing, and they vary from company to company. Comparing insurance rates is the most excellent way to save money on your auto insurance in Barrie. But do you need an auto insurance? Yes, you do! Below are some of the […]

Since Jewish holidays begin the night before, and since the President’s speech was effectively the beginning of the war and the end of Saddam, I consider my prediction fulfilled. Here’s another, tonight’s the night. We’re going in tonight. But this one’s not based on anything mystical; it’s the weather: Army meteorologists were confident that the […]

Go to church, go to synagogue, go to a mosque, go to a Buddhist, Sikh, Shintoist or Jain temple, make a puja, light a candle, say a prayer, if atheist contribute to a non-denominational charity, but please, spare me the requests to pass on e-mails to him. Don’t you think that Salam has better things […]

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Displays at Shango Cannabis shop on first day of legal recreational marijuana sales beginning at midnight in Portland, Oregon October Screens at Shango Cannabis store on first day of authorized recreational pot sales beginning at midnight in Portland, Oregon Reuters/Steve Dipaola When it debuted in August 2014 Washington’s recreational business, which began slow with only […]

Politics works like this: Big People of Big Country buy Big People of Little Country, who, by the way, will be elected in “democratic elections” thanks to big bucks; Big People of Big Country give big loans to Little Country (of course, to buy “made in Big Country”); Big People of Little Country pocket a […]

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