Displays at Shango Cannabis shop on first day of legal recreational marijuana sales beginning at midnight in Portland, Oregon October
Screens at Shango Cannabis store on first day of authorized recreational pot sales beginning at midnight in Portland, Oregon
Reuters/Steve Dipaola
When it debuted in August 2014 Washington’s recreational business, which began slow with only 18 shops licensed to sell weed, produced $ 1 million in tax revenue.

The more powerful-than-anticipated sales might have came in part from the state’s slow way of marijuana tax, enabling more time for companies to get created.

The Liquor Control Commission, charged with controlling the drug in Oregon, had predict yearly tax revenues of about $ 8 million during the initial two years of authorized recreational bud sales.
Where bud sales are now legal, although tax structures change upon the three states, all have earmarked funds for programs that were similar – law enforcement, drug and alcohol counselling, and schools.

In Alaska, where recreational pot was legalized by voters in 2014, regulators anticipate shops to open by the end of the year.
A congressional budget bill passed bars sales of the drug until 2017 or after, although voters in the District of Columbia have legalized recreational bud also.

Chiropractic Treatments for Back Pain

Chiropractic health care profession utilizes non-surgical treatment to cure disorders of the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system. A chiropractor usually applies a gentle force that focuses on spinal manipulation and the treatment of surrounding structures.

What Causes Misalignment In The Spine?

Chiropractor back pain care corrects nerve interference caused by misalignments in the spine. This nerve interference, also known as a subluxation, alters the messages sent from the brain to every cell of the body. If left untreated, Subluxations can slowly undermine your health leading to sickness and disease. Misaligned vertebrae can occur for many reasons, including:

  • Sometimes at birth subluxations can be introduced at the beginning of life, while learning to walk or skate.
  • Subluxations in adults occur due to stress, alcohol or drug abuse, poor posture, auto, work or sports related injuries and poor eating habits. Sometimes consistently carrying heavy items such as briefcases or handbags can result in misaligned vertebrae.

What Happens During The Initial Intake?

When you visit a chiropractor for neck pain, the doctor will first interview you to understand your medical history and provide a general context for understanding why you are experiencing this specific symptom.


What To Expect During The Physical Exam

A physical exam will follow, as well as possible laboratory, diagnostic, or imaging tests. Rather than merely isolating the pain in your neck and dealing with it on its terms, a chiropractor will most likely seek to understand why you are experiencing the pain on your physical and psychological circumstances.

Chiropractic treatment for neck pain will vary depending on what is causing you to experience it. If you are experiencing neck pain due to a car wreck, the focus will be on diagnosing any damage that has been done to your neck and back. If your neck is bothering you because you work for long hours at a desk, it’s likely that you will be given instructions on appropriate posture and ergonomics, which is something your medical doctor would probably suggest, as well.

What Goes Into A Treatment Plan?

Unlike your family doctor, a chiropractic doctor administers treatment by making manual adjustments to your spine and by moving your joints around using controlled thrusts and other movements to improve the range and motion of your neck and head. He/she also advise you on proper nutrition and exercise that will help alleviate pain and restore your neck’s functionality. They also recommend a rehabilitation program that includes adjustments or other forms of therapy to move you towards your optimal health.



Politics works like this: Big People of Big Country buy Big People of Little Country, who, by the way, will be elected in “democratic elections” thanks to big bucks; Big People of Big Country give big loans to Little Country (of course, to buy “made in Big Country”); Big People of Little Country pocket a big chunk and invest it in the Big Country, without ever investing in real development (education, health, the environment, etc); Little People of Little Country work for ever to pay back what they never got; Big People of Little Country thank Big People of Big Country in the name of Little Country, and promise to repay the big debt; and Little People of Little Country get big promises, just like Little People of Big Country. And they lived happily ever after…


(This is part of a series of POLITICALLY CORRECT stories for little children, who otherwise may not be ready to live in the Jungle.)

One day the King of the Jungle, tired of being called a “Tyrant,” gathered the most cunning animals in the kingdom, chief among them the Foxes… He said to them: “It’s mighty unjust that I am not recognized for what I am. You know full well that the best of my leftovers, if any, go to the Little Animals… Well, I want you to write LAWS, so from now on it’ll be them, and not me, who would rule over this God chosen kingdom…”

After a few months of hard deliberations (and a few “private parties” and “business trips”) the Foxes (now turned politicians) returned with a long, long book of laws written in a language so hard to understand to the Little Animals that they thought it was old Greek. After translation, it started like this: “The animals with a mane will be treated like kings; the animals with paws and teeth will be above the Laws; and the animals who will represent the interests of the Little Animals, us, will be granted a raise in benefits and status… Of course, ALL FORMS OF DISCRIMINATION will be considered ILLEGAL, and will result in the Lion eating the Little Animal…”


Once upon a time, in the deep jungle, lived a Lion and a Monkey… One day the Monkey, tired of the Lion always getting the LION SHARE, and seeing that such injustice represented a danger to all the species of the jungle, demanded JUSTICE… The Lion, yawning and stretching, said, “You would have to have paws and sharp teeth…” Then the Monkey, who was very clever, devised a plan: He would go to the costume store, and look like a lion…

When the Lion saw him, noticing that the new lion wasn’t a match for him, and fearing COMPETITION, killed him on the spot –before the indifferent look of the little animals of the jungle… And that’s how the Law of the Jungle was re-established one more time…

NOTE: Other monkeys survived him…


After killing the monkey dressed as a lion, the Lion gathered all the little animals of the jungle and announced: “Today we have successfully eradicated one of the major threats to the peace and order of our jungle… Yes, a new lion, probably envious of us, attacked without warning… Luckily –because you know how good is suffering for the spirit– your sacrifice gave me strong paws and teeth… And yes, these mighty weapons were so useful to me that I finished him off without a sweat… Anyhow, now it turns out that some other of his accomplices are roaming around and trying to attack us… So get ready for more suffering and restrictions, if not for a catastrophe… But, of course, there’s a place for you in heaven…”

Meanwhile, one of the little animals –who had been grazing all along– asked another, “What did he say?” “I think he said something about a new lion,” answered the other. To which the first animal replied, “Another one!?”

Moral: We don’t need lions or violent monkeys that become lions. No Lion No Problem!


One day all the little animals went up to the King of the Jungle and complained about their poverty, and in particular about the fact that every time, during the dry season, they had to travel long distances to drink the precious fluid, and demanded a WATER WELL be built for them… They cited how the resources that they contributed to the kingdom were wasted in WARS and EXTRAVAGANT PROJECTS to the tastes of the King… He, however, replied with all kinds of excuses: the lack of resources, that it wasn’t a matter of him not wanting it, but that it was a matter of “priorities” –which was one of his favorite words…

Meanwhile, an Owl –who had very good eyes– had been observing life in the jungle, and thought this way: “Every time there’s a dry season the little animals must come to the little dirty waterhole where the Lion waits for them… Had they been well fed and strong, he would have had to run after them and even risk resistance. And, more importantly, the little animals are forced to fight the Lion’s wars as the only way out of poverty…”

And that’s how the Owl landed an important –and well paid– post in the brand new Astronomy Department created by the King of the Jungle –to the effect of exploring life in other planets…

Moral: The little animals need their own well (self-employment, cooperatives, etc), but no one will build it for them, but themselves…

Bharateeya Blog Mela

We also request other Indian bloggers to please publicize this on their blogs so more bloggers can be aware of this and send in entries. We are also looking for volunteers for the weeks remaining after next. Email me or Ashwini or leave a comment to reserve your slots. Thank you!Reading the MT Manual has become my hobby. I am still using the default db and thinking if I should switch to MySQL.

If all Indian bloggers put an entry for the mela on their blog today, we should have a good response by tuesday.

After all discussions between the whole Indian bloggers’ corner, we finally a settled on a traveling Mela that will be hosted by a different Indian blogger every week and will be mirrored in its entirety JK is going to host it on the 19th of this months (next week, wednesday). Please get your entries to him by emailing him at “jk at sulekha “. Note that he is not on blogspot anymore – he has a new home


Coalition commanders fighting for control of Basra say a “popular uprising” is underway inside the southern Iraqi city, a reporter for the Sky News TV channel said on Tuesday in a live broadcast from the west of the city.

He said the uprising — details of which were not given — might have triggered a decision by coalition forces to make “a big push” for the city, using heavy artillery.

Earlier Tuesday, spokesmen for coalition forces in the Gulf said their troops faced the prospect of street fighting in Basra after meeting fierce resistance on the outskirts.

Relief agencies meanwhile warned of a humanitarian crisis in the metropolis.

Military planners had expected little resistance in the city, pinning their hopes on the Shiite Muslim majority who have long been repressed by President Saddam Hussein’s mainly Sunni regime.

The British army is reported to have three brigades to the south and west of Basra, where an estimated 1,000 so-called Iraqi “irregulars” were resisting the coalition advance.

Sky News is owned by the Australian-US media magnate Rupert Murdoch, who has expressed strong support for the US-led war in Iraq.


What a great discovery Jurjen was. Here, he provides an excellent, useful link-filled Armchair Military Analysis of Iraq’s fighting forces. Jurgen points out that the supposedly most elite of elite Iraqi forces, the “‘Golden Division,’ is responsible for the defence of Baghdad itself, the presidential palaces and other vital facilities (which brought it into conflict with UNSCOM inspectors on several occasions) and Saddam’s person (not in the least place against any RGFC units that get ideas about ousting the “beloved leader”). It [is] commanded by Saddam’s son Qusay, and is recruited from those tribes most loyal to Saddam.

Cool. Qusay is probably dead (y”sh). If alive, he’s not exactly Patton.

Read the whole thing, and keep reading Jurjen’s blog.

Reasons to have auto insurance coverage

Car insurance is a vital item for every driver. However, car insurance rates are always increasing, and they vary from company to company. Comparing insurance rates is the most excellent way to save money on your auto insurance in Barrie. But do you need an auto insurance? Yes, you do! Below are some of the reasons to have an auto insurance coverage.

Auto Insurance is legal requirement

Laws vary by country or state, but when it comes to auto insurance Barrie, every driver should be covered by any insurance type of coverage of his choice. You risk facing legal action if you drive without insurance. It is crucial to have auto insurance coverage to avoid getting into problems with the authorities.

To cover accidents

Have you ever questioned yourself what will happen in the case of an accident? Without insurance, means risking all you own if you get into an accident. It is wrong to assume that every individual on the road has insurance. Moreover, no one plans to have an accident. If insured, the damages and injuries sustained in an accident can be covered by the insurer. Insurance protects your finances from unpredictable expenses.

To support your health insurance

Accidents are unforeseen situations in human life. Sometimes severe accidents happen and the medical bills get high or render you unable to work for an extended period. This means the health insurance might not meet the mounting bills. This is where the auto insurance comes in to support the health insurance cover.

Protection against lawsuits

At times you may be involved in a lawsuit, how will you pay for the cash needed or damages if you lose the case? The best auto insurance Barrie helps you pay for all the costs and ensures you are well represented during court proceedings.

Protection of your vehicle

Insurance might appear far too costly for you, but losing your car can be more expensive than your thought. If you use your vehicle every day, then you would love to protect it from any damage. Insurance does not only shield you but your vehicle as well. In the case of any needed repairs and you don’t have cash, the auto insurance will handle everything for you.


There are many irresponsible drivers on the road these days. If you live in Barrie, then consider having the best auto insurance coverage. This will have you covered in the case of situations that can be as a result of careless drivers.


If you want an up-to-date compendium of the latest war news from conventional sources, go to Command Post. Or to Google news. I’ve also found that The Scotsman is a very good, hardhitting but not sensational paper.

If you want the latest in the Arsenal of Democracy’s gadgets, always consult the Bunny. Her joint is hoppin’.

For translations of Al Jazeera’s propaganda, go to Ribbity Blog, an Israeli who is fluent in many dialects of Arabic.

If you want to know how the war is going, don’t come here. Because I don’t know any more than you do.

I think it is a bit funny for Americans — I mean, those in America, not in the field — to claim the mantle of warblogger. What are we? Civilians telling other civilians what we are watching on television. You’ve got your own remotes.

Lynn is right; I’m going to join her in not adding to the chatter.

But I do have a recommendation: read No Cameras, a good blog written by a Dutchman living in Olympia, Washington. He’s got an excellent post about the forces being deployed in Iraq, the whys and the wherefores, and in general runs an informative, analytical blog.

He’s very pro-UN; if the UN consisted of countries like the Netherlands, I’d agree with him.

Mrs. No Cameras is one of the Evergreen alums who wrote me about….that subject.

Anybody who writes: “If history—especially that of the Cold War—teaches us anything, it’s that peace (if we take peace to simply mean “the absence of armed conflict”) and justice have an annoying tendency of being mutually exclusive” deserves to be read on a regular basis. That’s audacious thinking. It’s also right. I like it. It’s always such a pleasure to stumble across an observant, analytical mind!

I’ll be adding No Cameras to the blogroll soon.

Letter From Gotham

Since Jewish holidays begin the night before, and since the President’s speech was effectively the beginning of the war and the end of Saddam, I consider my prediction fulfilled.

Here’s another, tonight’s the night. We’re going in tonight. But this one’s not based on anything mystical; it’s the weather:

Army meteorologists were confident that the weather would clear this evening and that the allied armed forces over the next three days would operate under clear skies with cool temperatures and minimal winds.