Well, Salam hit the bigtime today, with a mention in Howard Kurtz’s media column in WaPo. Maybe after this is all over he can do Oprah. (“I cannot believe what it must have been like during those bombings,” said Oprah, shaking her head deliberately from side to side, while checking the effect her vehemence had on the audience with a quick sidewise dart of her eyes. “Girlfriend, I would have been under that bed the whole time!”)

I have not heard from him, and as soon as I do I will post it.

I am debating whether I should shlep my computer to Queens today. God it is gorgeous out and I’ve a lot to do; I’ve decided to visit my mother at the end of the day and spend the night in her house. (For those of you new to this blog, I live in Manhattan; my mother is at the end of a long journey and is now in a nursing home near where I grew up in Queens, but will be moved upstate soon, so I want to see her as much as possible, because I may never see her again. Life and death go on, even during a war.) There’s a seductive beauty in the idea of being Cut Off, but I’m not sure I can take that….

I’ve received a lot of emails, some of them quite interesting. A man from Flanders, Belgium wrote to say that Salam was featured in a newspaper article there. I asked him to send a translation and will post it if/when he does.

Someone wrote to tell me that my defense of Salam was so vigorous that people might suspect me of being part of a CIA hoax. He said that he was writing to warn me of that, in case it happens. Thanks, she said, backing away very slowly. Slam!

Several people have written about the issue that will not go away, you know what that is. One woman was such a vicious pest that I had to block her from my box, although I wonder if she will try to get around it. It’s easy enough.

And Carolyn (one of the Evergreen alumnas) wrote offering a link to a truly interesting analysis of “the issue that will not go away” — written by her husband. She’s partisan; I’m not. Her husband wrote the best I’ve read so far, and what’s so interesting is that this blogger is not part of the defend-Israel reciprocal link family. He came to some of the same conclusions that they did about the likely sequence of events. (The link is to the blog; scroll down and look for the word Evergreen.)

I’ve got to sign off now but his post got me to thinking…and stimulated some ideas. I have to write them down later, I haven’t got the time now. But my feelings are, surprisingly, more critical of Israel than you might think. Stay tuned. Later.

Through Grasshoppa, another Kuwaiti website.

If you email me, and you want me to read past the first line, do not say that the Jews are behaving like Hitler and do not say, “I find your blog interesting, because you seem to be an intelligent person who has somehow been cowed into believing what our President is telling you.” That deserves an immediate delete. However, being the curious sort, I did scan the rest of what he had to say, and it was pure and utter horseshit. But if you want me to read you, don’t insult me in the lead paragraph.