Women Sex Sexism Feminism And blogging

So what is a woman weblogger, anyway? The blogosphere had a discussion about that very topic last year, and it got a bit contentious. We never really settled the matter. So let’s try again.
I’m a woman with a weblog. Who am I?
I am a conservative Republican. I am a liberal former San Franciscan who can program with the best of the boys (if not better!). I am a libertarian who writes about economics. I wrote the first book about weblogs. I am a bellicose woman. I am an Israeli mother of two. I’m an American with an attitude who buys CDs for the troops and runs a weblog about the war. I’m an editor in New York. I’m a former military woman with a daughter in the military now. I rant. I advise. I lecture. I educate. I shoot. It’s about sex (sometimes). It’s about Canada. It’s about Jewish issues. It’s about libraries. It’s about animals and babies. It’s about me.
I write about women’s issues. I write about men’s issues. I write about politics. I write about comic book heroes. I write about issues that interest me, period. (No, that doesn’t interest me, that generally pains me about once every 28 days. I can hear the ewws from the guys in the back. Oh, stop.)
So what does it mean to be a woman with a weblog? Well, it means that I’m a woman, and I write a weblog. I don’t believe that issues are necessarily gender-specific,and I certainly don’t stop to wonder if I’m shooting for a male or female audience when I sit down to write an essay. I just write them, and assume that the audience will sort itself out. Judging by the email I get, it’s pretty evenly distributed.
I can tell you what generates the most interest: Sex. That’s the absolutely, without a doubt, catch-’em-all topic that nobody seems to ever get enough of. Alas, I rarely write about sex, or my hit count would be two or three times its current size. (I think there’s a euphemism in there, but I’m going to steer very clear of it.)
So what’s the upshot? Is there sexism out there? Absolutely. Does it stop me from doing what I want? Sometimes. Does it stop me in the blogosphere? Nope. Does it affect the blogosphere? Yep. A lot? Not really. Will I name names? No. Will I get posts and letters refuting this claim? Undoubtedly.
And one last thing, since this is the first in a series of women writing about women: I am a feminist, and proud to say so.
Let the debate recommence.
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Women. Sex. Sexism. Feminism.
It was nice to read and figure out what you think…well one thought American people didnt care much about rest of the world..perhaps that is changing, although it is still about stuff that is right under your nose….
Coming to terms with relationships..that is the least area of interst looks like. Why are we interested in sex and not relations….
because it is easier to have sex than sustain a relation..you know then I have to be concerned about your period and not stay away at work those five ( or three ) days ).
It is easier to have no commitment..well nothing different for wemen either and it is catching up..the instant fun thing that does not call for commitment..because remember making and keeping commitment is harder that having sex..not love…not love and sex but only sex…well there you are and the world is catching up..Indian news magazine Outlook ran a cover story on how Indian wemen are going for affairs in search of exciting sex…well you get the drift
To link or, not to link, how do you answer that question?

I’m a guy, Kiril’s the name.
I’m a blogger, Sneakeasy’s Joint is the place.
Have been for a year, now, and have started a 2nd, issue oriented one, as well (The Cycling Dude).
The posts connected with this piece, and this piece itself, have gotten me to thinking a bit about who I link to and why?
My links include a few of the Big Bloggers, amidst, those who have linked to me, and also blogs who don’t link to me, but I find interesting as well.(women bloggers, included).
I don’t have the time to read everything in the bloggerverse, and that’s one reason my Links List is so small.
I have begun to wonder whether MY linking to the Big Boys, unless I do so in a post for a particular reason, is even neccesary.
Anyone who blogs, or just does a Google search knows about these folks, or will discover them.
Heck, a few even make the rounds of the TV Talk Fests.
They don’t need me to spread the word about them.
The ordinary Blogger, like myself, would benefit more from a spot in my Links List, and I would benefit just as much by reading them.